Manufacturing Facilities

For Minh Nam, quality is a way of Success. An uncompromising commitment in every sphere of its work.

In order to assure that the finish products that go out of our factory meet with our standard specifications, we have installed modern machine for production and laboratory.

Highly qualified professionals from the field of production head, where quality control begins when the raw material enters the production floors. Each batch of our production is subjected to testing on each technical aspect and unless and until the Q.C department passes the material, the same will not be packed. This has been our QUALITY PRACTICE ever since the inception of Minh Nam. Stringent quality control procedures bring out the best results, confirming to international standards of quality.

Research & Development

Minh Nam is committed to serving the growing needs of a global marketplace and continues to develop strong relationships with customers. Continuous efforts are made to develop products to suit specific customer requirements on various application parameters. In-house research & development facilities enable us to offer more products to our customers.

Minh Nam has assembled an innovative and highly experienced team of the research and development personnel in the fields of production, quality control, formulation, development, marketing and sales, augurs well for our future.